Gratitude (Mar. 2 – Mar. 8)

  1. I have a backup shirt in my office in case I forget to bring a work shirt, as happened today (Mar. 2).
  2. Good rehearsal (Mar. 2)
  3. Doing some long-term planning for my lab
  4. The review session in my class went well
  5. Good discussion with a colleague about possible options for my research
  6. Helping a student from another section understand a few points on which she has been struggling
  7. Good and illuminating discussion with the head of campus safety
  8. Significant help from another colleague with technical difficulties in my lab
  9. Fascinating and inspiring presentation from Emily Graslie
  10. Good discussion about trust in God with friends (Mar. 4)
  11. Dinner at a crab buffet with my wife (Mar. 4)
  12. Productive group meeting
  13. Getting van cabin air filter replaced at no charge
  14. Participating in the final legislative crackerbarrel
  15. Watching Angels & Demons in preparation for a Q&A session with the Society of Physics Students regional meeting
  16. Beautiful picnic by Canyon Lake in amazing weather
  17. Fun discussion of how I learned to drive, how Kelly and I met, and the question of why God made Creation at The Well (Mar. 5)
  18. Hauling recycling and wood scraps out of the house to the proper disposal sites
  19. Selling our recyclables for 70¢, which is better than nothing
  20. Learning the cent symbol (¢) in HTML
  21. Making homemade marshmallows again
  22. Friendly driver who went out of his way to let me know I had dropped something from one of my bike bags (Mar. 8)
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