How I Incorporate PowerPoint Slides in Beamer

We’ve all been there, trying to advance the cause of open-source software and good rendering of mathematics by using Beamer in \LaTeX, when we want or need to incorporate someone else’s slides from another program into our presentation! Well, maybe not all…

Anyway, if you happen to need to do this, here is how I have done it.

Step 1: Export PPT slides as PDF

The first step is to export the relevant PowerPoint (or Keynote in the case of Macs) presentation into a PDF file. Note that the images and instructions here are for PowerPoint 2013.

Plan A: Direct Export

I know of two methods for exporting to PDF. First, click “File” then look for the “Export” option on in the left hand column, as shown below.


Select “Create PDF/XPS Document” then click the “Create PDF XPS” button and save the file as a PDF.

Plan B: Use Print Utility

If Plan A does not work, try using the print utility. Click “File” as above, then click “Print”.  Open the Printer drop-down menu and look for an “Adobe PDF” option.


Select this option, and click “Print.” If this works, you will again be able to save the relevant PPT presentation as a PDF file.

Step 2: Incorporate the PDF Slides into Beamer

To incorporate PDF pages or slides (from any source) into a beamer presentations, I use the “pdfpages” package by inserting


in the preamble of my presentations.

In the body of the document, I then use the command


“insertme.pdf” is the PDF file I want to insert all or part of. This command will insert pages (slides) 3 through 6. To include the entire document, I use


I have found this works with TeXShop on my Mac or using


on the command line.

That’s what works for me; please let me know in the comments if this works (or not) for you.

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