Gratitude (Mar. 9 – 15)

  1. Good time at Community Meal last night (Mar. 8)
  2. Making homemade marshmallows again!
  3. My homemade marshmallows were well received at Community Meal.
  4. Petting Guinea pigs
  5. Productive first meeting about planning a conference in 2017
  6. Successfully defrosting and inventorying our chest freezer
  7. Watching Red Green together (Mar. 9)
  8. Fun and interesting Q&A session with regional SPS students about the science of Angels & Demons
  9. I think I’m getting good at making marshmallows
  10. Surprisingly broad and deep discussions at The Well on mysticism and the nature of reality (Mar. 13)
  11. Finished the book Crazy Horse and Chief Red Cloud.
  12. Helping my wife with her grading
  13. Beautiful picnic by Canyon Lake
  14. Getting seafood on our first visit to Dakota Seafood Company.
  15. Buying and installing a new vent cover in our upstairs bathroom; unlike the previous one, this one opens and closes.
  16. Buying pies for the Physics Dept. Pi Day social (Mar. 14)
  17. Good pies and conversation at the Pi Day social
  18. Informative and encouraging discussion at a seminar on helping people transition out of poverty
  19. The new cables for connecting a laptop to our department’s telescope seem to work and did not blow any fuses.
  20. Meeting possible new friends and their cute children at Community Meal
  21. Good food, conversation, and play at Community Meal
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