Gratitude (Mar. 30 – Apr. 5)

  1. “Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the children of man, and whatever blasphemies they utter…” (Mark 3:28, ESV)
  2. Payday cookies (Mar. 30)
  3. Talking with colleagues during payday cookies
  4. Lunch with my wife, colleagues and students at Z’Markis for Physics Lunch Club
  5. Buying tickets to the Star Trek concert
  6. Saigon restaurant is open again
  7. Selling our van to people who needed it
  8. Choosing our next discussion book for the Wobbly Table group
  9. Submitting a proposal on time (Apr. 1)
  10. Calling in to NOvA Collaboration meeting
  11. Helping to prepare the house for Make Your Own pizza party
  12. Fun with friends at the party
  13. Good food, including pizzas, at the party
  14. Salvaging some pizzas that were dropped in the oven
  15. Playing Exploding Kittens
  16. Having fun discussing ways to renovate our backyard fireplace, including turning it into a pizza oven
  17. Our department secretary is also a notary public
  18. The snacks I brought to the Well were very well received.
  19. One of our younger members baked delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  20. My parent’s neighbor (and my sister’s good friend) officially finished buying their old house from them.
  21. We are testing a new power supply in our lab
  22. I have a clearer idea of the future of my lab and research than I did before
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