Gratitude (Apr. 6 – 12)

  1. My sister’s birthday!
  2. “…all things are possible with God” (Mark 10:27). “All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)
  3. Important conversation with the head of the music program (Apr. 6)
  4. The SD legislature unanimously passed and the governor signed HB 1132, which requires “the submission of sexual assault kits for testing” and establishes a timeline to do so.
  5. Informative workshop on REU experiences (Apr. 7)
  6. Help in retrieving a backpack I left at the workshop
  7. The final candidate for band director has performed, so we are rehearsing for the concert or all remaining rehearsals
  8. Our department chair’s colloquium (Apr. 7)
  9. Meeting with two incoming students
  10. Feedback on my draft proposal
  11. Tried making marshmallows with a new recipe
  12. Bought fertilizer, topsoil, and soil conditioner for the garden
  13. Removed weeds and dead plants from garden
  14. Mixed fertilizer, topsoil, and soil conditioner into garden
  15. We planted the first seeds in the garden
  16. We discovered lots of worms in the garden beds which is a very good sign because they avoided it last year.
  17. My wife started a tray of seeds indoors
  18. Removed splinter from my finger
  19. Good interaction with my graduate student (Apr. 11)
  20. Good discussion at the Well, including my wife answering some very interesting questions (Apr. 10)
  21. Good food at the Well
  22. People at the Well enjoyed my wife’s cookies
  23. Fun watching UHF with friends again (Apr. 10)
  24. New idea for a project for GEAR UP students
  25. Insight gained from reviews of a declined proposal
  26. My slides being useful to one of my colleagues
  27. Completing a calculation on the vacuum level needed for an upcoming experiment
  28. Another good night out with the telescope
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