Gratitude (Apr. 13 – 19)

  1. Learning about retirement options
  2. Free popcorn at the Benefits Fair
  3. Visit from interested high school students to our department
  4. Interesting physics colloquium from one of our grad students (Apr. 14)
  5. Good discussion with friends at the Wobbly Table (Apr. 15)
  6. At the Wobbly Table, we are discussing the book I suggested!
  7. Voting in the model bridge competition
  8. Delegating some jobs to my students for our next lab project.
  9. Dinner at Tally’s
  10. Seeing Red Green live with friends
  11. The entire Red Green series is available on DVD
  12. Time to work on proposals this weekend
  13. Safe drive to the University Advisory Board (UAB) reception
  14. Excellent food at the UAB reception
  15. The board members were genuinely curious and excited to learn about our research
  16. Arrived safely and on time for the UAB meeting at SURF (Apr. 18)
  17. One of the presenters used some of my graphics
  18. My first time underground at SURF
  19. Rehearsing on the stage for the first time this semester (Apr. 18)
  20. Community meal with friends (Apr. 19)
  21. Meeting Hazel, the 6-day-old daughter of two of our friends. She slept in my lap for a good portion of the evening.
  22. Good conversation with friends, including the children, at the meal.
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