Do you have a Question for the Presidential Candidates?

President Clinton, Trump, Sanders, Cruz, Kasich, or someone else will govern a nation in which scientific and engineering questions play an increasingly important in our present and future.

This is not just for Sigma Xi members. Anyone can vote and submit!

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ScienceDebate_logo.jpgSigma Xi has been invited to join the 2016 coalition to develop the top science, technology, health, and environmental questions that the candidates for president of the United States should be discussing. As part of this coalition, we will join with members of other prominent organizations including the National Academies, AAAS, IEEE, and Research! America., a non-profit, thinks the candidates for president should be debating science, technology, health, and environmental issues on TV. To come up with potential questions for the candidates, they are turning to the American public. The coalition has been successful getting written responses from the candidates in presidential election cycles in 2008 and 2012.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Sigma Xi members to engage in a national dialogue on issues or challenges related to science and technology. As one of the oldest research societies, Sigma Xi is committed to supporting the scientific community and to connecting its members with policy makers. We encourage you and your chapter to reach out to your local community to engage in this important conversation. Submit your questions on the 2016 Presidential Science Forum.

Sigma Xi will also participate in selecting the top questions for the candidates to address. If you submit a question, please share it with us!

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

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