Gratitude (Apr. 20 – 26)

  1. Learning important information at the department staff meeting (Apr. 20)
  2. My students’ progress in researching lab equipment and information sources
  3. Finishing our last band rehearsal of the semester.
  4. Our church group deciding to take a “field trip” to our concert!
  5. Starting the yoga class again
  6. Free ice cream at a social advertising the local Convention and Visitors Bureau
  7. Good conversation with friends around the Wobbly Table (Apr. 22)
  8. Important decisions about progressing with the current project in our lab
  9. Buffalo cookout at Wild Idea buffalo
  10. The friends who went with us to the cookout
  11. Finishing the first draft (of at least 4) of my NSF CAREER proposal
  12. The hospitality of a student’s grandparents hosting us for a Physics Dept. cookout
  13. The spectacular view and pictures of a forest fire from the cookoutDSC_0399DSC_0423
  14. Good food at the cookout
  15. My latest batch of homemade marshmallows (subject of a future post) was well received
  16. The marshmallows roasted well over a fire
  17. Good and informative conversations during the social and the rides to and from
  18. Receiving a ride to the social from one of my students
  19. Lending my spare bowtie to someone else for our band concert
  20. Our concert went well and was fun!
  21. Going out for dinner and dessert after the concert
  22. Concrete plans for moving equipment from my lab to another
  23. I joined the Black Hills Astronomical Society
  24. Planning to attend a friend’s wedding in August
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