Gratitude (Apr. 27 – May 3)

  1. My first (of two) review sessions for my class went better than I expected.
  2. Learning about SPS through their end-of-year colloquium
  3. Being able to provide rides to the Physics Lunch Club
  4. Physics Lunch Club at Murphy’s
  5. Successfully moving the heaviest pieces of my lab to their new home
  6. A volunteer who used her truck in the move
  7. Draft budget for an upcoming proposal
  8. Discussing yet another proposal opportunity with colleagues
  9. Teaching my final class of this semester
  10. Dinner with friends
  11. Attending hilarious production of Rumors by Neil Simon performed by the SDSM&T Drama Club. I laughed so much my voice was hoarse on the way home.
  12. Finished the first draft of a major proposal
  13. Our new van tires seem to hold air pressure well
  14. My wife made cookie dough dip for snacks at The Well
  15. Good discussion about problems with basing our worth on our performance at the Wobbly Table men’s group
  16. Learning more about my students (May 2)
  17. Fun at a retirement reception for a colleague
  18. Good conversations at the farewell party for another colleague; she is moving to a different job
  19. Made appointments with multiple contractors about residing our house.
  20. A generous loan of audio equipment from the Music Program
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