See the Transit of Mercury from Mines Campus

Below is a message from a colleague at Mines who is a member of the Black Hills Astronomical Society. I plan to be there and pray for good weather!

On Monday, May 9, the planet Mercury will pass directly in front of the sun—a “transit of Mercury.” This is a fairly rare event, occurring about ten times per century. The transit begins just before sunrise at about 5:13 am, and ends at 12:42 pm.

Several members of the Black Hills Astronomical Society will have telescopes equipped with solar filters for safe viewing set up out in the quad by the stone arch. If you’re interested and can spare a few minutes sometime Monday morning, stop by! But…

…unfortunately, the weather forecast for Monday is not good. We might get lucky for a few minutes now and then, or we could get “skunked” and see nothing but clouds. Such is life in astronomy!


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