Gratitude (May 4 – 10)

  1. Several contractors giving us options for residing our house
  2. Several of my colleagues were honored at the year-end SDSM&T Employee Service & Recognition Awards
  3. Proctored the final exam for my class this year
  4. Final presentation from my independent study student
  5. One last time out with the telescope for the semester
  6. Good discussion at the Wobbly Table, even though only two of us attended
  7. Good service and memory of the barista at Dunn Bros.
  8. Attending the 2016 May commencement
  9. Graduation party for one of my students
  10. My mother liked our Mothers’ Day gift
  11. Good food at The Well potluck
  12. My wife did an amazing amount of cooking; she made delicious curry and bread for the potluck.
  13. Learning about friends at the potluck
  14. Mowing the back yard
  15. My order of gum balls arrived.
  16. Watching my wife play softball for The Well in their season opening double-header
  17. The Well won both games in dominant fashion
  18. The picturesque fog that settled in toward the end of the second game
  19. Learning the basics of how to “keep book” for a softball game.
  20. Submitting all of my final grades.
  21. Starting to plan the summer with my research group
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