Gratitude (May 11-17)

  1. Good food and fun T-shirt at Physics Lunch Club (May 11)
  2. Planted garlic
  3. Started reassembling our radon monitor
  4. Made important decisions at staff meeting
  5. Made plans and reservation for an upcoming trip for a friend’s wedding
  6. Finished the campus yoga class for this semester with an attempt at balancing on my arms.
  7. Learned something important (keep the mic boost on the computer low) in our latest test call for the upcoming collaboration meeting
  8. Good discussion about why to obey God if he has already forgiven us.
  9. Our interview on SDPB went well.
  10. Had a restful day of reading and writing (May 14)
  11. Started a new batch of sauerkraut
  12. We had a late night breakfast with a good friend at IHOP
  13. Packed for our next trip
  14. Cleaned the bathroom (May 15)
  15. Our rain barrel is working well
  16. My potatoes have sprouted
  17. Dowloaded the thesis I need to read this week
  18. Found dark chocolate covered raisins at a store where we through they were discontinued
  19. Signed my contract for the next academic year
  20. Signed up for health insurance for the next academic year
  21. May of my colleagues are making a significant effort to engage the public at the upcoming public talk before the DUNE collaboration meeting.
  22. Finding good restaurants in Ft. Collins
  23. Good advice on changing directions in my lab
  24. A part of our interview on SDPB was replayed.
  25. Safe drive to Ft. Collins
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2 Responses to Gratitude (May 11-17)

  1. PJ Lehmeier says:

    Always great things to get my mind moving in new direction s. I am grateful for you!

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