Gratitude (May 18 – 24)

  1. Safe drive home from Ft. Collins
  2. Reading (partially aloud) a student’s thesis while a passenger on the drive
  3. Cheese and other wonderful food from Whole Foods
  4. Lucile’s restaurant in Ft. Collins
  5. A helpful custodian who enabled me to get my bike helmet back from a room that was closed due to a freshly waxed floor.
  6. Recovering from various audio issues at the start of the DUNE collaboration meeting
  7. Important face-to-face discussions about my lab at the collaboration meeting
  8. The meeting was featured in six different local news stories (two on the radio and four on TV).
  9. Good conversation at the Collaboration Dinner
  10. Catching up with colleagues from Indiana and Minnesota at the dinner
  11. Good food at the dinner
  12. Firecraft Pizza is back at the Rapid City Farmers’ Market
  13. Watching The Producers (1968) with friends
  14. My wife’s homemade Thai curry (May 21).
  15. Time to relax Sunday afternoon (May 22)
  16. The Collaboration Meeting went well overall
  17. The spokesperson for the collaboration spoke highly of Rapid City.
  18. Our seedlings are doing well and adapting to the wind
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