Gratitude (May 25 – 31)

  1. First drafts of proposal for the latest idea for my lab
  2. Tour of possible safety hazards in our radon monitor’s new location
  3. Date set for new siding on our house
  4. Good meeting about a student’s Masters thesis
  5. Good conversation and possible date to meet in person with an old friend
  6. New prayer app on my phone
  7. Planning for working with my students during the summer, when we will be on two different continents in three different time zones.
  8. Good discussion at the Wobbly Table group about how to not base our worth on the approval of others
  9. Reading a lot of the book Our Mathematical Universe
  10. Seeing Zootopia
  11. Taking the children of a friend with me to see Zootopia
  12. Trying the parmesan garlic popcorn at The Elks Theatre for the first time
  13. Cookout at a friend’s (May 28)
  14. Fascinating conversations about chemistry
  15. Sharing stories of fun parties from years gone by
  16. Harvesting our first kale from the garden
  17. Harvesting our first strawberries from the yard
  18. Playing catch and practicing softball fielding and batting with friends
  19. Having an makeshift ice pack for the brusies resulting from collisions of the softball with my arm and hands
  20. Going out for ice cream afterwards
  21. Having a job flexible enough to allow me to work from home when I discovered that I had two flat tires on my bike and only one spare inner tube
  22. Good weather for walking to the bike shop to buy more inner tubes
  23. Fixing both tires and riding to work
  24. Starting the fire over which we roasted marshmallows at community meal
  25. My wife’s mashed potatoes
  26. Meeting in incoming graduate student in another department
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