Homemade Marshmallows! (Part 2)

Batch 4 (Mar. 9-10): I used the same procedure as Batch 3, but whisked for less time to account for the lower temperatures. Specifically, 4 minutes on medium, 4 minutes on medium-high, and approximately 2 minutes on high. This batch turned out well.

imag0026.jpg imag0027.jpg

Batch 5 (Mar. 13-14): For this batch, I used the same whipping speeds and times as batch 4, although I recorded the speeds on our Kitchen Aid mixer more precisely (medium = 5 or 6, medium-high = 8, high = 10). I also found a comment on Shauna Sever’s site on how to minimize the amount of syrup that hardens during the marshmallow making process:

It sounds like the drizzle of syrup landed too close to the whisk, which basically gives you spun sugar, as you found! :) Try to aim for the space between the beater and the bowl, and err on the side of letting the syrup run down the side of the bottom third of the bowl, rather than getting the stream of syrup too close to the whisk as the mixer is running. It is important to have it mixer running as you add the syrup, though–otherwise the whole lot can sink to the bottom and the batter won’t get evenly mixed. I don’t adjust mixing time for piping into molds (you don’t want to underwhip the batter as stated in the post), but you do have to be sure to work quickly before the mixture sets. Hope that helps! xo

It did help. Pouring the syrup away from the whisk does significantly reduce the amount of sugar hardening.

For this batch, I coated the pan in oil rather than using parchment paper. That didn’t work very well. Parchment paper is better but leads to odd shapes and a lot of dry thin edges. imag0032.jpg

Batch  6 (Mar. 27-28): This was the first time I tried to make a flavor other than classic vanilla. This time, I made Cookies and Cream Marshmallows by mixing crushed Oreos into the batter before pouring it into the pan to cure. We shared them with friends as part of Easter dinner.

The photographs show that they did not spread well, but photographs cannot capture how delicious they were!imag0047.jpgimag0049.jpg

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