Gratitude (June 1 – 7)

  1. Purchased many of the tickets for our upcoming trip to see friends and attend a conference.
  2. Picked out colors and chose a contractor for our new siding
  3. My student safely arriving in the Chicago area
  4. Sorting out which foods in our freezers were affected by the recent recall
  5. Calling into the NOvA IB meeting
  6. My student attending the NOvA Collaboration Meeting in person
  7. Picking up my wife’s contact lenses and my prescription from our optometrist.
  8. The young entrepreneurs who mowed our front lawn
  9. Driving through the Black Hills with friends
  10. Grilling corn and fish with friends
  11. Getting a lot of cooking and cleaning done around the house
  12. Helping my wife plant seedlings
  13. Good discussion on embodiment and the origin of the Bible at The Well
  14. Learning to play a new game at Who’s Game House
  15. Beautiful weather all weekend
  16. Watching my wife play in our church’s softball team and win two games by large margins.
  17. Getting my office desks cleaned
  18. Finding an envelope I had lost week ago
  19. Staring on my tenure application dossier
  20. Voting in the SD primary election
  21. Useful lunchtime phone meeting
  22. Helped my wife plant the final seedlings in the garden
  23. Fun dinner at the clubhouse of a friend’s apartment complex.
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