Gratitude List (June 8 – 14)

  1. Grilling dinner (June 8)
  2. Our isolation transformer has arrived!
  3. Operating the radon monitor on my own for the first time in a few months
  4. Skype conversation with a friend in Minnesota
  5. First yoga class of the summer
  6. I successfully started a second physics lunch club because the original causes a schedule conflict for me. Two other people joined on the first outing!
  7. Good remote meeting with one of my graduate students.
  8. Started the first data run of the radon monitor with the isolation transformer installed.
  9. A highly-recommended electrician returned my call
  10. Good meeting with a prospective student (June 10)
  11. Helped my wife start painting our dining room
  12. Started a new batch of sauerkraut
  13. Bought a homemade rhubarb pie at the Farmers’ Market
  14. Bought basil plants from the Farmers’ Market
  15. Had a good discussion at The Well even though the group was smaller than usual (3 people)
  16. The electrician said our job would be easy and relatively inexpensive
  17. Donated blood for the first time since moving to South Dakota.
  18. Watched The Well play a fun softball game while shorthanded
  19. Practiced my softball bookkeeping skills
  20. Rain (and no hail) for the garden and rain barrels (June 13)
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