Gratitude List (June 15-21)

  1. Received missing color sample for our siding decision
  2. Visited Dinosaur Park for the first time and watched the sunset from there
  3. Good time with friends (and dog) at community meal
  4. Evaluated the performance of the isolation transformer
  5. Good lunch at Gyro Hub
  6. Helped my wife get painting done and kitchen clean
  7. My wife finished painting the dining room!
  8. She also drove safely across the state
  9. Department and Foundation Building tour with prospective students
  10. Dry ice root beer at Go To Mines
  11. Learning what a Reubens’ Tube is.
  12. Getting a surprise for my wife to take on her trip
  13. Visiting the West Boulevard Festival
  14. Getting pizza from Firecraft at the West Boulevard Festival
  15. Party at our friends’
  16. Watching Bridge of Spies
  17. Good discussion of letting go of certitude at The Well
  18. Talking with my wife during and at the end of her trip
  19. Good conversation with a friend via Skype
  20. Biking to our church’s softball game
  21. Keeping the official scorebook for the game
  22. Starting to revise a NSF proposal
  23. Safe drive to and from Black Hills State University
  24. Introducing and explaining a cloud chamber to high school students in the GEAR UP program
  25. Good food at Community Meal
  26. Starting the fire to roast marshmallows at Community Meal
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