Gratitude List (June 22-28)

  1. Touching up and and painting screw heads in the dining room
  2. Visiting a new restaurant (Native New Yorker Grill) for Physics Lunch Club
  3. Having a free evening to focus on work around the house.
  4. Yoga class
  5. Meeting with the current head of the Philosophical Society
  6. Finalizing (I hope) dates for residing our house
  7. Planning for a conference next May
  8. My wife’s safe return from the other side of the state
  9. Hearing her stories of the girls’ summer camp on cyber security
  10. Blueberries and cherries from the farmers’ market
  11. Meditation before church
  12. Good conversation about identity at church
  13. Going out to dinner after church
  14. Our new wireless router is working better than our previous one
  15. Starting a rigorous test of the best spot to place the new router
  16. Submitting the latest draft of an NSF proposal
  17. Keeping the score book for The Well softball team (June 27)
  18. Watching my wife make part of a double play in one of her games
  19. A meeting was cancelled, and that enabled me to attend the weekly yoga class on campus on Tuesday.
  20. Helping my wife prepare the house for community meal
  21. Seeing friends we haven’t seen in a while
  22. Using kale fresh from the garden for our community meal.
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