Gratitude List (June 29 – July 5)

  1. My latest batch of sauerkraut seems to be doing OK
  2. Useful conversation with program manager at NSF
  3. A good conversation with one of my graduate students (June 29)
  4. Physics Lunch Club at Dickey’s (June 29)
  5. My first Comprehensive (i.e. Candidacy) Exam as a committee member (June 30)
  6. According to my recent physical exam, I am in good health
  7. Sorted out pay problems with one of my students
  8. Made my latest batch of homemade marshmallows
  9. The crab buffet in Deadwood with Physics colleagues was fun, delicious, and worth the wait
  10. One of my colleagues was kind enough to give me a ride home
  11. Good weather for our latest fireplace party (July 2)
  12. Lots of good food, good conversation, and some new people at the party
  13. Watching fireworks with my wife from the top of Star Village Hill.
  14. Lots of rain for our plants (July 3)
  15. Our garden weathered the hail well
  16. Time to relax, read, and write today (July 3)
  17. A nice evening walk with fireworks around us (July 4)
  18. Helping people in need
  19. Catching up on watching The Big Bang Theory
  20. Testing a different location for the TV antenna
  21. Seeing one of my students while he is back from Fermilab
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