Gratitude List (July 6 – 12)

  1. My first time eating at HuHot.
  2. Finishing reading for men’s group on Friday
  3. Cooking with my wife
  4. Planning to help friends
  5. Seeing my student’s code and helping him edit it live from the other side of an ocean
  6. Very productive meeting with a colleague (July 7)
  7. Settling on a particular assignment for a summer independent study class
  8. Delegating duties to a student
  9. Progress on an NSF proposal
  10. Safe drive with two passengers to Neutrino Day at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center
  11. Help from an intelligent, enthusiastic, and charismatic graduate student at Neutrino Day
  12. Fun and educational interactions about radioactivity
  13. Good food trucks
  14. My first taste of liquid nitrogen ice cream
  15. Finding an extremely cute and geeky onesie for a friend’s child at the visitors center
  16. Seeing some of the other activities and displays at Neutrino Day
  17. Safe drive back to campus
  18. Good presentation at the Badlands Astronomy Festival
  19. Seeing a spectacular sky far from light pollution
  20. Seeing the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) with my unaided eyes
  21. Seeing many nebulae and star clusters through a collection of telescopes at the festival
  22. Good food and catching up at the monthly Well potluck (July 10)
  23. Useful morning meeting (July 11)
  24. Watching my wife play (and win) two softball games to end the regular season (July 11)
  25. New ringtones and background on my phone thanks to my support of Bring Back MST3K.
  26. My wife encouraging me to support Brink Back MST3K
  27. Arriving on time at my first appointment of the day despite forgetting to set my alarm (July 13)
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