Homemade Marshmallows! (Part 3)

Batch  7 (Apr. 9-10): This was the first batch for which I used the Cooking for Engineers recipe. This is close to twice the size of the previous batches and also calls for the syrup to be heated to 250℉. I didn’t whip them for quite long enough, so they were denser than usual marshmallows; their texture was more like Peeps. They were still very tasty, and this recipe seemed to work better than the one from Marshmallow Madness.


Batch 8 (Apr. 23): I made this batch for a Physics Dept. cookout. I whipped these for a total of 8 minutes. They were hard to spread in the pan, but they turned out vey well. They were also the first batch we roasted over a fire. They roasted well; the outsides caramelized more than store-bought marshmallows.

DSC_0408 DSC_0409


Summary Table

MM=”Marshmallow Madness” recipe
CFE = “Cooking for Engineers recipe
L = low M = medium speed, MH = medium high speed, H = high speed

# Date Recipe Syrup Temp. Whipping Time Result
1 ? MM >240℉ ? Hard candy
2 ? MM 240℉ 5 M, 5 MH, 2 H Good, odd texture
3 Mar. 7-8 MM 228℉ 5 M, 5 MH, 2 H Difficult to spread
4 Mar. 9-10 MM 228℉ 4 M, 4 MH, 2 H Turned out well
5 Mar. 13-14 MM 228℉ 4 M, 4 MH, 2 H Avoided hard candy
6 Mar. 27-28 MM 228℉ 4 M, 4 MH, 2 H Cookies & Cream, hard to spread
7 Apr. 9-10 CFE 250℉ ? Did not whip long enough, too dense
8 Apr. 23 CFE 250℉ 1 L, 7 H Turned out well, roasted over fire

After all of these trials, I have settled on the CFE recipe with 6-7 minutes of whipping on high speed. I’ve made an additional batch and even taught someone else how to make them!

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