Gratitude List (July 13-19)

Updated on July 23. I had a bad week in some ways, so I neglected to finish this list. Since part of the point of this list is that I have many reasons to be grateful even on a “bad” week, I am completing it now.

  1. Good meeting with prospective student
  2. Helping an independent study student with questions on homework
  3. Comfortable cycling weather (July 13)
  4. Lunch with wife and colleagues (July 14)
  5. Good meeting with the a school counselor
  6. Informative meeting with department head
  7. Leading a productive meeting on our upcoming REU proposal
  8. Participating in a good meeting about our upcoming conference
  9. Lunch with friends (July 15)
  10. Teaching a friend how to make cookies and cream marshmallows
  11. The marshmallows were delicious
  12. A nice walk, including looking at a yard sale
  13. My wife taking friends out an a Pokemon hunt
  14. Playing Battle Sheep with friends
  15. Watching a good movie about the futility of vengeance, the importance of considering collateral damage, and the power of friendship (Captain America: Civil War).
  16. Voting on my favorite State Fair food
  17. Planning a visit to some good friends
  18. Helping a student with her homework
  19. Watching a thunderstorm
  20. My wife’s jury-rigged hail protection system for our vegetable garden was effective.
  21. Grilling after the storm.
  22. My first non-thesis master’s degree defense as a member of the committee
  23. Helping set up a laptop and projector for a movie after community meal
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