Gratitude List (July 20-26)

  1. Attending my first master’s thesis defense as a committee member
  2. Physics lunch club at Sabor a Mexico
  3. Good meetings with students (July 20)
  4. Watching my wife play on our church’s softball team. She made the first out of the game! (July 20)
  5. Watching the team win two more games to become B League champions! She has a scraped elbow and bruised knee, but according to her, it was worth it.
  6. My student is now settled at Fermiab
  7. An unexpected extension on a grant proposal deadline.
  8. The ability to do some of my work from home.
  9. Getting my home desk partially cleaned off
  10. Fresh fruit from the Farmers’ Market
  11. Starting the first season of Red Green on DVD
  12. Restful weekend
  13. Going out for walk and Pokemon Go! (July 24)
  14. Good conversation about the difficult realities of life and death at The Well
  15. Clarinet Madness concert (July 24)
  16. Seeing friends at the concert as performers and in the audience
  17. Harvesting our first zucchini from our garden
  18. Planning our upcoming trips to Michigan and Chicago
  19. Lunch with a good friend
  20. Softball team celebration dinner
  21. Finishing NSF proposal.
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