Gratitude (July 27 – Aug. 2)

Edited Aug. 4

  1. Lunch Club at HuHot
  2. Good morning conversation about books
  3. Restful evening
  4. A new source of funding for my lab is apparently approved!
  5. Significant progress on my poster for the upcoming conference
  6. Finding a broken part in my radon monitor and ordering a replacement
  7. Our prolific garden kale and zucchini
  8. Good conversation about guilt vs. conviction at the Wobbly Table
  9. Payday cookies
  10. Finishing poster for upcoming conference!
  11. Planning our fall schedule over dinner
  12. Half-priced chicken wings for National Chicken Wing Day (July 29)
  13. Getting everything packed for our trip to Chicago and Michigan
  14. Getting to the airport on time for our flight (July 30)
  15. Safe flight from Rapid City to Chicago
  16. Navigating from O’Hare to Union Station
  17. Train ride from Union Station to Holland, MI
  18. Spending two and a half days with good friends
  19. Riding a chain ferry for the first time
  20. Walking around Hope College and downtown Holland
  21. Enjoying friends and the stars around a backyard fire
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