Gratitude (Aug. 3 – 9)

  1. A ride from our friends to the Holland bus station
  2. Safe bus trip to Chicago
  3. Navigating our way to our hotel
  4. A helpful CTA agent
  5. Spending a great evening with friends in the suburbs (Aug. 3)
  6. Getting to the ICHEP 2016 conference on time
  7. An interesting first session
  8. Having fun introducing physics to children at a library
  9. A remarkable girl named Rachel who I hope represents the future of her generation
  10. Finding a mural of Henrietta Lacks while looking for a CTA station.
  11. Dinner at a delicious ramen place in downtown Chicago
  12. Good talk from Don Lincoln on engaging the public
  13. Many interesting talks at the ICHEP parallel sessions
  14. Good food at so many Chicago restaurants
  15. Meeting our friends baby Vincent for the first time
  16. Our first Uber ride
  17. Catching up with friends we knew from Ohio State who now live in the Chicago area
  18. Catching up with friends in the suburbs (Aug. 7)
  19. Sunday is an off-day from the conference
  20. Getting my poster hung up before visiting friends on Sunday
  21. The poster session went well
  22. Dancing to disco music at the poster sessions
  23. Chicago style pizza
  24. Shopping at Eataly
  25. Macarons from Whole Foods
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