Gratitude List (Aug. 10 – 16)

  1. Meeting with one of the people in charge of funding for my research
  2. Interesting closing talks at the conference
  3. Being part of a Wikipedia edit-a-thon in which I focused on the articles for Fermilab and the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.
  4. Seeing friends and their new baby in the suburbs
  5. Shipping home some of what we bought in Chicago
  6. Safe and punctual flight back to Rapid City
  7. Safe and punctual shuttle bus ride back to our house
  8. Time to rest after the trip
  9. Meeting with a student (Aug. 12)
  10. Writing birthday cards for friends
  11. Finding everything I was looking for at Black Hills Farmers Market
  12. Carrying all of my purchases home on my bike
  13. Catching up with my parents over the phone
  14. Good food at The Well potluck
  15. Discussing ideas for our next series at The Well
  16. Lots of rain for our garden
  17. Some parts for my detector were finally ordered
  18. Compiling an almost-complete draft of our next proposal
  19. All of my colleagues who helped my student to take his Qualifying Exam without needed to drive back from Fermilab
  20. Progress on a proposal for the next project in my lab
  21. Biking home with my wife
  22. Good food at Community meal, including two German potato salads made by actual Germans
  23. Meeting the Couchsurfers staying with our Community Meal host
  24. Harvesting some ground cherries and tomatoes from our garden
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