Gratitude List (Aug. 17 – 23)

  1. I took the opportunity to ask a question of the President of SDSM&T at the Fall Convocation
  2. Someone later complimented me on the question
  3. Gathering with graduate students and my wife at the Firehouse after Qualifying Exams
  4. Watching a thunderstorm on our back deck
  5. Meeting with one of our incoming Physics freshman and his mother
  6. Hosting a Community Meal at our house (Aug. 23)
  7. Meeting new friends at the community meal
  8. Watching one of my friend’s older children hold and play with another’s baby gently.
  9. My friend’s daughter wearing Darth Vader earrings
  10. The first band rehearsal of the new semester
  11. Having a new tuba player in our section
  12. Our new band director is very organized.
  13. Shopping with my wife at the Farmers Market
  14. Sampling the surprisingly good gluten-free
  15. Buying tickets to a concert by Itzhak Perlman.
  16. The surprise decorations my wife put on our basement wall
  17. Teaching my first class of the semester
  18. Nachos and cream puff at the Central States Fair
  19. Watching the Society of Physics Students Wrestle a Pig at the Central States Fair
  20. Biking with my wife to and from the fair.
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