Gratitude List (Aug. 24-30)

  1. Meeting with an old friend from high school while they were visiting Rapid City!
  2. Meeting my wife’s colleagues at the President’s welcome picnic
  3. Starting to implement an active learning technique in my graduate physics class
  4. First group meeting of the semester with our undergraduates back on campus
  5. More good fair food
  6. Riding fair rides as part of the Moonlight Madness deal
  7. Playing Bingo at the fair
  8. Winning two bingo games at the fair
  9. The view of the city form the top of the Ferris Wheel.
  10. Viewing an art exhibit by one of my fellow professors at SDSM&T in our city’s art gallery.
  11. Time to rest this weekend
  12. Getting lots of work done around the house
  13. Cooking with my wife (Chicken a la king)
  14. Cooking and eating produce from our garden (kale, bell peppers, and zucchini)
  15. Our first staff meeting of the semester was shorter than scheduled
  16. Eating dinner outside with my wife before band rehearsal
  17. Keeping in touch with friends via e-mail and social media
  18. Installing new parts on radon monitor.
  19. Useful meeting with our admissions staff
  20. Moving a piece of equipment from a colleague’s lab into ours
  21. Learning much about Lakota culture by attending my first Lakota Cultural Forum
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