Gratitude List (Aug. 31 – Sep. 6)

  1. Talking with the President at Payday Coffee and Cookies
  2. Meeting the Assistance soccer coach (Andrew) and a trainer (Sean) at Payday Coffee and Cookies
  3. Physics Lunch Club at Dickey’s
  4. My class went better than I expected (Aug. 31)
  5. First set of homework assignments for my class are with the grader
  6. My new book for the Wobbly Table arrived
  7. Productive Gradate Committee meeting
  8. Our TV room is cleaned and ready for guests
  9. We found some missing curtains
  10. I bought lots of good fruit at the Farmers Market
  11. Explored some streets on my bike that I had not ridden before.
  12. My wife and I cleared out enough floor space for a guest in a previously cluttered room
  13. Time to rest on Sunday morning
  14. Found mint essential oil for sale near our house
  15. Found good deals on work pants at Kohl’s
  16. Found a bicycle route to Kohl’s
  17. Processed a large stack of mail
  18. Bought groceries for my family’s visit this weekend
  19. Intervarsity prayer meeting
  20. Good meeting planning for a trip to see next year’s total solar eclipse in Nebraska.
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