Gratitude List (Sep. 7 – 13)

  1. We did well in our first group “playing test” in Symphonic Band
  2. A meeting with a student and ADA counselor went well
  3. My class went well (Sep. 7)
  4. My parents and sister had a safe drive to South Dakota
  5. I was able to be home to greet them when they arrived
  6. They enjoyed our home and their guest rooms
  7. Visiting Dinosaur Park with my family
  8. Getting pizza and kombucha at the Farmers’ Market with them
  9. My sister and wife playing an impromptu flute duet
  10. They thought our grilled food wad delicious, and I think they were right.
  11. Touring my wife’s office, my office, my lab, the Geology Museum, and the Music Center with my parents and sister
  12. They enjoyed our department root beer float social event
  13. Dinner with my family at Murphy’s
  14. My mom’s reaction to our washer and dryer
  15. My mom brought a photograph with four generations of our familyfourgenerations
  16. Good food and discussion at The Well potluck (Sep. 11)
  17. Walking in a fundraiser for the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra
  18. We both won door prizes at the fundraiser
  19. I was able to get enough work done to relax and enjoy my family’s visit
  20. Enjoying leftover’s from Murphy’s
  21. Made grilled cheese sandwiches in the department toaster oven for the first time (Sep. 12)
  22. I was able to help a student submit his quiz through our school’s online system.
  23. My wife and I could communicate despite a forgotten phone (Sep. 12)
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2 Responses to Gratitude List (Sep. 7 – 13)

  1. Pamela J Lehmeier says:

    What a delightful photograph of your family. I’m assuming you are the baby being held by your mom, Anita. Treasure that photo always! So happy you have so many things to be grateful for this week. God is good…

  2. corwin says:

    Yes, he is! I do treasure that photo, which is why I made the digital copy posted here. Four generations, from right to left: me (yawning baby), my mother Anita Abts, her mother Lucille (my grandmother), and her mother Agnes (my great-grandmother).

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