Gratitude List (Sep. 14 – 20)

  1. Despite some current problems with a contractor, we have a house and the wealth to take care of it be hospitable with it.
  2. Physics Lunch club at (and leftovers from) Mongolian Grill
  3. Good advising meetings with my students
  4. First yoga class of the semester
  5. Informative forum on four of the 10 upcoming state ballot issues. The next one will be Oct. 13
  6. Planning for the solar eclipse in 2017.
  7. Being accepted as part of a group planning eclipse education and travel in 2017
  8. Interesting seminar on the 1972 Black Hills flood from a first-hand perspective
  9. Buying fruit from Farmer’s Market
  10. Learning how to use a credit card at the Market
  11. Watching the new Ghostbusters movie with friends
  12. The movie was better than I expected (I usually have low expectations for remakes or “reboots”)
  13. We have our house prepared for siding removers
  14. Good conversation with the electrician working as part of our siding project
  15. Biking to a new location from home for the first time
  16. Harvesting tomatoes and zucchini from our garden
  17. Making scrambled eggs, which turned out to be the best I eggs I remember making (Sep. 18)
  18. The first phase of re-siding our house has finally begun!
  19. Eating take-out outside with my wife for dinner
  20. Good advising meeting with graduate student
  21. My students finally got our lab computer connected to the internet.
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