Gratitude List (Sep. 21 – 27)

  1. Physics Lunch Club at Murphy’s
  2. A feast of BBQ for dinner and leftovers (Sep. 21)
  3. I did well on our second playing test in the Symphonic Band
  4. Important conversation about my class
  5. Interesting and well-presented colloquium on the expanding Universe
  6. The siding project has started, and two sides of our house have the old siding removed.
  7. The exposed sides of our house are sealed against the weather with house wrap.
  8. Time to rest this weekend
  9. Watching Star Trek Beyond
  10. Good conversation at The Well about different expressions of grief
  11. Harvesting another zucchini from the garden (Sep. 27)
  12. The first phase of our siding project (removal of old siding) is complete
  13. Good conversation with a big group at The Wobbly Table (Sep. 23)
  14. Watching SPS compete in Pumkin’ Chunkin’ at the Rapid City Pumpkin Festival
  15. Pizza and fruit from the Farmers’ Market
  16. Recovering from a bad start to the day on Sep. 26
  17. Practicing my slides for class (Sep. 26)
  18. Getting some graded homework assignments returned
  19. Chicken tortilla soup
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