Gratitude List (Sep. 28 – Oct. 4)

  1. Physics Lunch Club at Millstone (Sep. 28)
  2. Contractors called me back after several messages
  3. Electrician finished running new coaxial cables into our house
  4. My wife’s help clearing the office for the cable installation
  5. Deeply informative presentation on generational poverty (Sep. 29)
  6. Dinner with a good friend
  7. Listing to Itzhak Perlman speak and play at the Civic Center (Sep. 29)
  8. Started packing for our upcoming trip
  9. Our house is fully wrapped in insulation and Tyvek
  10. The new siding for our house has arrived!
  11. A friend gave me a ride to a dark sky star party at Sheep Mountain Table with the Black Hills Astronomical Society
  12. I took some beautiful photographs of the scenery
  13. We had good weather that allowed us to see all the stars in the Little Dipper and the Milky Way
  14. I saw Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune through telescopes. That was my first time seeing Neptune with my own eyes!
  15. I also saw the Owl Cluster, M31, M33, M110, M57, the Swan Nebula, and many others.
  16. The group was very friendly and welcoming to me.
  17. Good discussion at The Well about grief and rights of passage
  18. Playing with our youngest member at the Well. She actually looked like she would cry when I got up from her blanket!
  19. Getting prepared for class in less time than I expected (Oct. 2)
  20. Overnight rain watering our garden (Oct. 2)
  21. Good meeting about hardware problems in my equipment
  22. Good practice in band sectionals and getting to know the other tuba players a little better
  23. Starting to plan my class for Wed.
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