Gratitude List (Oct. 5-11)

  1. A friend gave us a ride to the airport (Oct. 5)
  2. Safe flight from RAP to MSP
  3. Finding a new favorite restaurant (French Meadow Bakery) at MSP airport
  4. Safe and on-time flight from MSP to CMH (John Glen International Airport in Columbus)
  5. A long and good discussion with our friend Bob
  6. Lively and good dinner with our friends Randy and Christina
  7. Safe drive to the Move United Retreat
  8. My wife found a pillow to replace the one we forgot to pack
  9. Meeting our friend’s baby son Leo
  10. Catching up with many old friends at the retreat
  11. Comfortable and good weather for our entire trip
  12. Fairly clear skies to see the stars on the retreat
  13. All of the compliments I received after giving a tour of the constellations and night sky
  14. The words of encouragement from Adam and others at the retreat
  15. The good service of the staff at the retreat center
  16. Safe drive back to Columbus after the retreat
  17. Getting my seminar for OSU prepared
  18. Catching up with friends Chris & Julia
  19. The Move United gathering on Sunday morning, especially the discussion (Oct. 9)
  20. Dinner and games with our friends Paul and Jona and their children
  21. Lunch at North Market with friends from Move United
  22. Catching up with colleagues in the OSU Physics Dept.
  23. My seminar at OSU went well.
  24. The flight from CMH to MSP landed early, giving me time to get a meal from my favorite fast food restaurant
  25. Safe flight from MSP to RAP.
  26. A friend gave me a ride home from the airport.
  27. Since my initial flight was early (7:12 am), I wanted to take a nap when I got home, and I had the flexibility of schedule to do so.
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