Gratitude (Oct. 12 – 18)

  1. Talking outside on a beautiful sunny day (Oct. 16)
  2. Good discussion on how grief has changed us at The Well
  3. Surprise pizza from my wife
  4. My class went fairly well (Oct. 17)
  5. Clearing a backlog of homework and exam grade entry
  6. My students solved a problem with our radon monitor
  7. Writing new blog entries for Move United
  8. A good Faculty Development meeting where I made some meaningful contributions (Oct. 12)
  9. Donating blood
  10. Physics Lunch Club at Buffalo Wild Wings (Oct. 12)
  11. Learning about the ballot issues at a form sponsored by SD Democracy in Action (Oct. 13)
  12. The excellent performance of members of the Douglas High School Debate Team at the forum
  13. Yoga (Oct. 13)
  14. Good discussion about InterVarsity’s new policy at Wobbly Table (Oct. 14)
  15. The dedication of new Tiospaye study space on campus
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