Gratitude (Oct. 19-25)

  1. My Colloquium at SDSM&T went well
  2. The contractors have finally started installing new siding on our house!
  3. Helping my wife start a batch of soup
  4. Reading for The Wobbly Table (Oct. 20)
  5. Good discussion of systemic racism at the Wobbly Table
  6. The chance to say goodbye to a staff member at the School who as been very helpful (she is moving to Virginia).
  7. The new line up of all Star Trek shows on a local TV station
  8. Getting the kitchen counter and dining room table cleaned (Oct. 22)
  9. Picking up free firewood from friends
  10. Meeting one of our neighbors (Janet)
  11. Janet helped me unload some of the firewood
  12. I made most of my Halloween Costume
  13. Caught up on watching this season’s episodes of The Big Bang Theory 
  14. My friend Katie gave birth to her first child
  15. Beautiful warm weather for the weekend (Oct. 23)
  16. Partially cleaned living room (Oct. 24)
  17. Past sermons from our church in Columbus have been posted online
  18. My wife baked some delicious bread
  19. Our department Head is back
  20. Cleaned a room in our house in preparation for a community meal
  21. Our radon monitor seems to be working well again.
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