Gratitude (Oct. 26-Nov. 1)

  1. Having more material prepared for class than I needed (Oct. 26)
  2. Friends to call in time of need
  3. Getting my homework solutions to my graders sooner than I usually do.
  4. Learning a few things about how purchasing works on our campus
  5. Wrote midterm for my class
  6. Made my first purchases at Chris Supply
  7. Bought fresh local eggs
  8. Good food at the Physics Halloween Social
  9. Great costumes at the social, including a cute little boy dressed as Pikachu
  10. Being a judge for the costume contest
  11. Buying tools to split our latest acquisition of firewood
  12. Splitting the firewood
  13. Shopping at the last Farmers Market of the year
  14. Important conversations
  15. One of our church members shared more about his past than I knew before
  16. Good staff meeting, including a visit from the School President
  17. Giving candy to fellow band members
  18. Cupcakes from the conductor
  19. Our conductor (in costume as a mime) conducted a 45 min. rehearsal with no words!
  20. Wearing our Halloween costumes to rehearsal
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