Gratitude List (Nov. 2 – 15)

Since I did not publish a list last week, I am posting a double-length one today.

  1. I voted early
  2. Physics Lunch Club (Nov. 2)
  3. My students are starting to assemble parts for our next lab project
  4. We now have a fully assembled new computer in the lab
  5. Yoga class
  6. Dinner with the new band director and her husband
  7. Introducing them to one of our favorite restaurants
  8. Wonderful conversation over dinner
  9. Sharing a little bit about black holes and gravitational waves
  10. A deep, well-written, and very personal story of grief over divorce at The Well (Nov. 6)
  11. Having friends from different parts of the political spectra
  12. Buying kombucha for my wife
  13. Unseasonably warm and sunny weather
  14. Learning about my department head’s research through his colloquia
  15. Important and useful meeting about applying for funding renewal
  16. Despite not being a baseball fan, I was kept updated on the World Series by my friends from Ohio and Illinois
  17. Physics Lunch Club at Firehouse (Nov. 9)
  18. The weather was nice enough to eat outside at Firehouse!
  19. My colleagues who I have gotten to know through lunches at the Faculty Lounge
  20. Finally understanding how to derive a particular equation for my class
  21. Ranked Choice Voting passed in Maine; maybe South Dakota will be next!
  22. Washington, DC passed a measure in favor of statehood, perhaps putting us on a path to a 51st state and having a new flag.
  23. Of the 10 issues on my ballot, I agreed with the results on 7
  24. The second session in Knowing Who You Are, a set of workshops on racial and ethnic identity and diversity on campus
  25. Listening to a recording of some of our Symphonic Band rehearsal
  26. Our band directors sloth-shaped tea steeper
  27. Attending the blue star flag raising ceremony on campus
  28. A new temperature logger for our radon monitor
  29. Dinner and catching up with friends Patrick and Laura
  30. Lunch at IHOP with our friend Matt
  31. Watching Star Trek at our house with Matt
  32. The final discussion in our series on grief
  33. Potluck at The Well
  34. Our friend noticed and retrieved a few items we had forgotten
  35. Meeting our neighbor Becky
  36. Sorting out plans for the final classes of the semester
  37. Good sight reading exercise in band rehearsal
  38. Leaning more about recent local Lakota history at the Lakota Cultural Form (Nov. 15)
  39. Pizza at the forum
  40. Placed order for the largest piece of equipment that will be in my lab.
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