Gratitude List (Nov. 16 – 22)

  1. Passing the “final punch list” for our siding project to the contractor
  2. Good food and conversation at Physics Lunch Club (Nov. 16)
  3. Our new lab computer is fully operational
  4. Our lab’s temperature monitor is fully operational
  5. The lab plumbing will be reconnected soon.
  6. My wife’s advice to put snow tires on my bike the morning before winter arrived (Nov. 17)
  7. Students making good progress in the lab
  8. Safely riding to and from campus in winter weather
  9. Finishing reading Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department
  10. Started the process of making pumpkin pie from an actual pumpkin
  11. Made homemade mashed potatoes for the Physics Thanksgiving party
  12. Phone call from my sister
  13. IV prayer group thankfulness alphabet
  14. Food and good conversation he Physics Dept. thanksgiving party
  15. Leftovers from the party
  16. Being sufficiently prepared for class (Nov. 21)
  17. Honest conversations about white privilege with colleagues at SDSM&T and members of the Rapid City Police Department
  18. My wife and I advised a friend about temperature monitoring and logging
  19. Hosting Community Meal at our home
  20. Good food and friends at Community Meal
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