Gratitude List (Nov. 23 – 29)

  1. Communicating with my elected officials
  2. Shopping at Chris Supply
  3. Rest during Thanksgiving Break
  4. Being invited to a friend’s for Thanksgiving
  5. Meeting new friends at Thanksgiving
  6. Great food at Thanksgiving
  7. Watching the Steelers win
  8. Playing with and cuddling our friend’s dogs
  9. Catching up with friends
  10. Taking home leftovers
  11. Making homemade stabilized whipped cream
  12. Installing a new and better laser light for our Christmas decorations
  13. Buying presents for family
  14. A good night’s sleep
  15. Our LEDs have arrived
  16. Fun snacks included in the LED shipment
  17. My friends are safe, and no one was killed except the attacker at Ohio State.
  18. Starting our annual holiday letter
  19. Learning about Wounded Knee at the Lakota Cultural Forum (Nov. 29)
  20. Pizza at the forum
  21. Ginger ale at home
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