Gratitude List (Nov. 30 – Dec. 6)

  1. Being able to write in this blog from the same Entertainment PC on which I watch and record TV.
  2. Beautiful Holiday Concert from SDSM&T (Dec. 3)
  3. Donating an unneeded grill to a good cause
  4. Donating a gift card
  5. An Environmental Impact Statement will be made for the Dakota Access Pipeline
  6. Timers for our Christmas lights
  7. Putting up some of our interior Christmas decorations
  8. I think our Symphonic Band concert went well (Dec. 5)
  9. We had a large audience
  10. Our Facebook live stream had more than 1000 views
  11. We heard the other groups in the concert give some amazing performances
  12. Today, we finish classes for the semester
  13. Yelp reviews now include bicycle parking
  14. Downloading episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as part of our rewards for funding their kickstarter project
  15. My wife’s pork and cabbage curry
  16. IV Prayer meeting discussing the future of the prayer group (Dec. 6)
  17. Learning about my own biases at the final Racial and Ethnic Identity training seminar
  18. Planning for the week at our group meeting
  19. Fun and laughter at the Physics Gift Exchange (Dec. 6)
  20. Coming home with a pineapple from the Gift Exchange
  21. My wife came home with a gingerbread house kit from the Gift Exchange
  22. Hanging Christmas ornaments
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