Gratitude List (Dec. 7-13)

  1. Being married for 7 years! (Dec. 12)
  2. Knowing my history well enough to understand why the flags were flying at half-mast on Wed. (Dec. 7)
  3. Walking to lunch with colleagues (Dec. 7)
  4. Getting necessary safety information about our lab UV LED
  5. Buying safety equipment for our lab UV LED
  6. Our new physics department T-shirt
  7. Viewing and voting on the Parade of Trees on campus
  8. The Society of Physics Students winning two awards for their trees
  9. End of semester gathering and treats for the band
  10. Leftover treats from the gathering
  11. Making mashed potatoes for my wife (Dec. 9)
  12. Not taking simple things (like my digestive system operating in the proper direction) for granted.
  13. I am feeling much better now.
  14. My wife cared for me well and lovingly while I was sick.
  15. My colleagues insuring that my final exam would still be proctored
  16. Rehydration
  17. I am enjoying the new TV series Timeless
  18. A home that provides warm shelter from the cold winter
  19. Our new laster printer, a Christmas present from my wife
  20. Having graders for my final exam
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