Gratitude List (Dec. 14-20)

  1. Successfully submitting my grades for the semester.
  2. Getting the bathroom cleaned and ready for guests after being sick
  3. Feeling fully recovered after my illness
  4. Getting updates about electing our new Spokesperson on DUNE (Dec. 16)
  5. Safely driving to the winter commencement
  6. Learning more about the life of Calvin Coolidge from the commencement speaker
  7. Seeing one of our Physics majors graduate in the commencement
  8. Talking with colleagues before and after the commencement
  9. Taking my bike to the bike shop for an end-of-year overhaul
  10. Powerful discussion of the Christmas story in Luke, Isaiah 9:2-7, and II Kings 2:19-22 at The Well
  11. Seeing our friend’s baby in the Sanford Lab onesie we bought for her
  12. Giving a gingerbread house kit we won at a gift exchange to a friend’s daughter
  13. “People puppy chow” from a friend
  14. Lots of Christmas cards from friends and family
  15. Birthday messages for me in electronic and paper form.
  16. Cleaning out our refrigerators
  17. Finished packing for our Christmas trip
  18. Our airport shuttle was early and got us to the airport with enough time to board our flight
  19. Despite an unusually large amount of traffic, many people in wheelchairs, and being short staffed, we were able to get though security in plenty of time for our flight.
  20. We had an uneventful and almost on-time flight to our Christmas vacation destination.
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