Gratitude List (Dec. 21-27)

  1. ​Good food at many places
  2. Taco place open late
  3. Finding clothes
  4. Buying cards for next year
  5. Writing year-end cards for this year
  6. Writing our year-end letter
  7. Finding good pictures for the letter
  8. Warm weather
  9. Missing the blizzard in Rapid City
  10. Relaxing in hot tub
  11. Getting sun
  12. Getting all of our year-end cards stuffed and sealed
  13. Good customer service at a local print shop
  14. 24-hour doughnut place within walking distance of our hotel
  15. Delicious Ethiopian restaurant
  16. Good ice cream and milkshake
  17. Find a box a Home Depot to ship things back home
  18. Quick replies to requests for friends’ mailing addresses
  19. Time to read and write
  20. Celebrating Christmas together
  21. Guest laundry in the hotel
  22. Seeing cats in our travels
  23. Walking to the local recycling drop-off point
  24. A good deal on used DVDs
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