Gratitude List (Jan. 4 – 10, 2017)

  1. First visit to the new Panera Bread in Rapid City
  2. Dinner out with my wife
  3. Started writing my syllabus for this coming semester
  4. Started writing a presentation I will give at the Black Hills Astronomical Society
  5. Arranging the move of a large piece of equipment to my lab
  6. Skype call with good friends
  7. My new beard is looking good
  8. A staff member (Katie) from one of my Senator’s offices called me today about a letter I wrote last month. We had a good and meaningful conversation about climate change and how to face it.
  9. We sold a bookshelf we no longer need
  10. My birthday party at the Elks Theater went very well!
  11. Good cake from Family Thrift
  12. Many lovely cards for my birthday party
  13. Several donations for a food pantry at my birthday party
  14. Friends and colleagues who attended my party
  15. Watching The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen for my party
  16. Babysitting our friends’ daughters
  17. Overcoming technical difficulties to teach my first class of the semester
  18. I had enough material prepared for the class
  19. Our first band rehearsal of the semester
  20. First lunch with colleagues in the Faculty Lounge this semester
  21. A nice complement from an art professor
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1 Response to Gratitude List (Jan. 4 – 10, 2017)

  1. PJ Lehmeier says:

    Always an inspiration to me, Dr. Luke!

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