Gratitude List (Jan. 11-17)

  1. Getting our environmental chamber moved into the lab
  2. The equipment that allows four men to move a 700 lb. box with only their muscles
  3. Interview with a potential new graduate student in my lab
  4. Lunch with a colleague and friend
  5. Good deal on fried chicken
  6. Movie night with friends
  7. Watching a VHS tape with good memories on it
  8. Defrosting our chest freezer
  9. My wife reorganizing the freezer
  10. Homemade waffles for breakfast
  11. Our new laser printer works
  12. A plumber to check the leak in our bathroom sink
  13. My wife ordered a new faucet for the sink
  14. She also found a new and unobtrusive TV antenna
  15. I started reading a new book: The Gifts of Imperfection
  16. Good discussion of mindfulness at The Well
  17. Buying the last unclaimed Hutterite Chicken Pie
  18. Attending the Martin Luther King, Jr. day service sponsored by Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, especially the choir and learning for the first time about Bishop Lorenzo Kelly.
  19. Presenting SURF research to the Black Hills Astronomical Society
  20. Many good questions and compliments after my presentation
  21. Two difficult but important meetings with colleagues
  22. Visiting a friend’s house for community meal for the first time
  23. Talking to a friend’s daughter about her desire to learn physics and computer science
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