Gratitude List (Jan. 18 – 24)

  1. Starting a second lunch club in the Physics Dept. for those who have a schedule conflict with the main one (Jan. 18)
  2. Unexpectedly high attendance for Lunch Club 2
  3. Visiting El Mariachi restaurant for the first time
  4. A colleague gave me a tour of our department’s machine shop
  5. I used the machine shop to make a mounting plate for a piece of equipment for our lab
  6. Meeting with University Relations to plan for the 2017 Conference on Science at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (CoSSURF).
  7. Attending my first meeting of Rapid City Community Conversations (RCCC), which is “a native-led grassroots movement. Our mission is to foster a citizen dialogue that collaborates with community leaders to design innovative approaches to steadily reverse the long history of institutional and individual racism in our community.”
  8. Meeting people at the RCCC meeting
  9. Good food and very important conversations at the RCCC meeting
  10. Good discussion and planning at the Wobbly Table
  11. New faucets in our kitchen and bathroom
  12. Meeting with a representative from the President’s office to plan for CoSSURF
  13. Visiting Kōl restaurant for the first time as part of Rapid City’s Restaurant Week
  14. Listening to legislators and fellow audience members at the first Legislative Crackerbarrel of the year.
  15. Asking both of my questions at the Crackerbarrel
  16. Talking to a local legislator about a bill after the end of the crackerbarrel
  17. Beautiful and fascinating birds at a local greenhouse
  18. Buying some new houseplants (mostly herbs) at the greenhouse.
  19. Testing a new antenna on our TV
  20. The ability to connect to the DUNE collaboration meeting at CERN via internet video connection
  21. Good discussion at the well about “wearing” lies and truth
  22. Hiring a new student to work in my lab this semester
  23. Getting sufficient sleep despite collaboration meetings at CERN being in the middle of the night for me
  24. A review of what new construction in my lab’s building will do to my lab
  25. First IV prayer group of the semester
  26. Friends who braved bad roads to attend Community Meal at our house
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