Gratitude List (Jan. 25 – 31)

  1. I’m getting better at playing the tuba with facial hair
  2. My beard has filled in nicely
  3. Making chicken a la king
  4. Making mashed potatoes
  5. Helping my wife transplant herbs into bigger pots
  6. Cleaning off a table in preparation for a party
  7. Good food at the “Ethnic Night” physics department social
  8. Fascinating discussion with colleagues at the social
  9. Learning what “arbitrary precision” is in COBOL
  10. Trying a new restaurant (MacKenzie River) with good results
  11. The proceeds from our dinner there went to the Hope Center
  12. The ability to communicate with our state legislators electronically and in person
  13. Started reading a new book: The Gifts of Imperfection
  14. Takeout Sunday brunch from Kōl
  15. Being a “pioneer” in testing the prototype workload spreadsheet
  16. Payday coffee and cookies (Jan. 31)
  17. Learning that the first Dean of Engineering at the University of South Dakota (Alexander Pell) was actually Russian terrorist Sergey Degayev.
  18. Community meal with friends (Jan. 31)
  19. The vegetarian “beef tips” at the meal were surprisingly good, although their texture was more like meatballs
  20. All of the fun comments on Facebook about this photograph my wife took of me:
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