Gratitude (Feb. 1 – 7)

  1. My wife discovered a “slightly on fire” object outside of a campus building. We were able to report it, and it was safely contained. It was actually exposed live wires of a demolished light fixture.
  2. A book on hold arrived for me at the library; it contains the short story on which the movie Arrival is based.
  3. Lunch club at the Smiling Moose, which was a first visit for me.
  4. More travel money in our grant than expected, so we will be able to fly rather than drive on an upcoming trip.
  5. Productive group meeting this morning (Feb. 6)
  6. Another book is available at the library: Lakota Woman.
  7. See a fellow church member at the Legislative Crackerbarrel (Feb. 4)
  8. Learning more about upcoming bills at the crackerbarrel
  9. Getting the house prepared for my wife’s birthday party
  10. All the fun we had, including learning a new game, at the party (Feb. 5)
  11. Delicious, potato-themed food, at the party
  12. Many wonderful words to my wife in her birthday cards
  13. A deeply encouraging belated birthday card for me
  14. Time to rest the day after the party (Feb. 5)
  15. Good discussion on the difference between wants and needs at The Well
  16. Starting  a manuscript study of Daniel with friends (Feb. 3)
  17. Helping my wife with ideas for labs in her class
  18. My wife gave me a ride to the airport (Feb. 7)
  19. Getting quickly through security at the airport
  20. Despite a delay in our departure flight, we made our connection and arrived in Chicago on time.
  21. Talking with my wife before going to bed.
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